Emerald was co-founded by Josh Martin and Jay Schuminsky in May of 2016 after decades of working in similar and diverging business ventures but almost 20 years of knowing each other and pursuing various investments with similar philosophies.

Our goal in launching Emerald was to compliment our backgrounds and have an operating platform to pursue unique and scale-able investments that were of mutual interest to ourselves and select clients including family office and institutional clients looking for attractive risk adjusted returns with like minded objectives.  Our backgrounds stem from commercial real estate for approximately 40 years collectively and hundreds of individual projects.  Our experiences are diverse helping provide us with unique perspectives on risk/reward and an ability to underwrite and manage projects creatively through a variety of lenses to find and build value in our investments beyond passive capital allocation.  We operate effectively and primarily in the private markets where our experiences, relationships, and investment size range and track record give us unique advantages.

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